Yellowstone in the Winter?

Yes! Yellowstone in the winter. As a visitor, you may be tempted to rule out Yellowstone National Park during the winter months, but you would be missing a very special season and experience.

During the winter months, the visitor lists are typically less for most national parks, and Yellowstone is no different. This is due in large part to the weather conditions. At Yellowstone National Park the roads tend to be difficult to traverse when winter weather hits. However, there are other ways you can still enter the park if the roads seem impossible. One could snowshoe, cross country ski or snowmobile into the park!

For outdoor enthusiasts, this might sound like fun and for others, it may start to sound less appealing, but we promise that your travels into the park will be worth it! Once the park is blanketed in a layer of snow and some ice has formed you are in for a true treat. The park appears to be in a state of peace that is unseen in the teeming summer months. For you photographers out there, winter is the perfect time for you to snap some amazing shots of the sparkling, icy scenery.


The mountains and trees aren’t the only parts of the park that stand out in a unique way during winter. You’ll also find that the geysers and geothermal features are even more spectacular!

9675ee5ec9d77f96893cdcd4091ba0a4Of course, we can’t forget about the animals! The ones who stay awake during the winter are a sight to see. The iconic American Bison, for instance, is a great subject to photograph and observe. You’ll probably also happen upon foxes, wolves, owls, elk, deer and more!

If you are trying to think of somewhere fun to visit this winter, consider Yellowstone National Park. Bring your skis, your camera and your sense of wonder.

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