Top 5 Coffee Spots in Livingston

I have moved around quite a bit throughout the years. Every time I land in a new city, I take the first day or so to find my favorite locations for essentials. I locate my preferred grocery store, a more convenient market if the grocery store is far from home, the closest public transportation stop if available, my preferred laundromat and lastly my new coffee spot. Like I said, the essentials.

Coffee houses have become more than just a place to pick up a delicious cup o’ joe. They are places to connect and reconnect; with yourself and others. They are a satellite work office. They are our second living rooms. They are a part of the fabric of our neighborhoods. Naturally, when I moved to Livingston, one of the first things I looked around for was a coffee spot.


Here is the list of my top 5 Coffee Houses:

  1. Coffee Crossing – Located right in the heart of downtown Livingston (next door to Empire Theater), this shop is top on my list. The staff is outstanding and the coffee is top notch; both drip and espresso beverages. They also serve loose leaf tea and a variety of yummy treats. There are a few tables and a small bar with stools. I have always been able to pull up a seat when I’m there to enjoy the atmosphere or get some work done.
  2. Chadz Vintage Coffee Shop – Chadz is located on Main street in beautiful historic downtown Livingston. Chad serves up a great cup of joe and the atmosphere is quality. There are a bunch of comfy couches, tables and chairs, and window seats that are usually taken, but oh so fun. The eclectic style of Chadz is part of the appeal. There are bright colors and great music making it a great place to catch up on work or meet up with a friend. Food is also served at this location. The brownies are a favorite of mine.
  3. MT Cup – Located on Park Street this shop is hard to miss as you drive through Livingston. You’ll find a good cup of coffee here and lots of great dishes to eat. The cozy atmosphere is very welcoming with lots of sitting room.
  4. Rx Coffee – Located on the East Side of Park Street this adorable shop was voted best coffee in Park County! They do make really yummy drinks. You’ll also find a great tea selection, baked goods, snacks, and smoothies. I love that they serve fresh fruit smoothies. An added bonus in my book.
  5. Crust & Crumb – Located on the West side of Park Street this little bakery serves up some of the best treats and dishes in town! They of course brew a great pot o’ joe and have espresso drinks too. This is the place to go if you are looking to fill your appetite for food, coffee, and great service.

I hope you have the chance to check them all out and find your favorite place to sit down and enjoy one of the best beverages on the planet.


Justine Ahearn
Office Admin
BHHSMT – Livingston

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